Dutch & Deckle

Gratitude Cards

BRAND: Dutch & Deckle

The Dutch & Deckle Gratitude cards are a great way to take time out during each day to focus on what you're grateful for - anytime and anywhere.

SIZE | 4 ½"" x 4 ½"" Square
QTY | 100 Gratitude Cards


How do you define gratitude? The Dutch & Deckle Gratitude cards let us take a break from our hectic lives to focus on what we're grateful for. These little gems help inspire vision, goals and love. You can even sprinkle them throughout your home.

There are so many ways the gratitude cards can improve your life:
  • Create a mood board and visualize your dreams and aspirations.
  • Meditate around an image and imagine what it feels like in your mind.
  • Journal about your day, write down how it made you feel. Then plan out goals based on those feelings to work towards becoming the person that makes each of these emotions possible.
  • Share them with family and friends or on Instagram for daily inspiration

QTY | 100 Gratitude Cards
SIZE | 4 ½"" x 4 ½"" Square

Made in USA

Gif of Dutch & Deckle Gratitude Cards with inspirational quotes and pretty images printed on paper.

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