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Soy Lotion Candle

BRAND: Simpli Nature

There is something about the smell of a Simpli Nature Candle that just puts your mind at ease and makes you feel calm. Blow out the wick and use the oils as an alternative way to moisturize your skin. Once burned, simply place the glass in the freezer overnight. The next day you will be able to peel off any remaining wax and cleanse with soap to have a lovely, reusable old-fashioned glass. Select one or try all five of our invigorating scents!

SIZE | 4 ⅛” H x 3 ¼" W 11 oz, 60 Hour Burn Time


What's not to love about the Soy Lotion Candle?

  • Soybean wax is sustainable and produces no emissions.
  • Burns longer than most candles with a lower melting point compared to paraffin!
  • Soybean wax will flow straight up and down the candle without pooling – this means less wasted product!
  • Reusable glass container.


CANDLE | Soy wax blend with cotton wick. Reusable glass.
BOX | Reusable giftable box with satin ribbon
SIZE | 4 ⅛” H x 3 ¼" W 11 oz, 60 Hour Burn Time

Made in USA

Women writing in Dutch and Deckle Tuscany colored linen planner with Plumeria Soy Lotion Candle lit

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