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Setting Intentions--A Way to Make Your Own Happy Holiday

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! What is not to love about twinkling lights, parties, spending time with family and friends, and revisiting all your family traditions during the holiday season? Well, expectations present challenges. Often the picture of the holidays we have imagined and the reality of what we are able to successfully accomplish, might be two entirely different things. If we simply try to cram in all the things we believe make a “perfect” holiday, we run the risk of losing sight of what makes this time special and important to us.

One way to ensure we remain in the moment during the holidays, is to set our intentions early in the month. By setting these goals and finding a way to touch base with them often, it helps us enjoy and make the most of this treasured time of the year.

An intention is a goal or desire, something you plan to achieve. Intentions are powerful in that they allow you to be in “conscious control” of how your time is spent–instead of feeling like events have control over you.

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So, how do we set meaningful holiday intentions? To start, find a space to pause and consider the values you want to honor during this time. We all celebrate this time of the year differently. So, take this moment to think deeply about the most important things you want to accomplish. To create your intentions, you may need to find a quiet place to sit and think. If you are having trouble putting them into words, consider holding an object to help you focus, or journaling for a few minutes to put your vision into words.


When you are ready, write down what you want to achieve during the holiday season. Try to keep your intentions worded positively. Then take another minute and reflect on what it would look like for you to manifest these intentions. For example, if you set the intention to “focus on family time," reflect on ways you can act this out. You could sing carols together– or just wrap presents. Keep your intentions manageable–not lofty aspirational goals.

Personally, by taking the time to set intentions, I can keep the values I find the most important at the top of mind. For me, over the holidays, that is creating a joyous and connected environment with my people. For others, it may be reflecting on the meaning they find at this time of year. Through intention setting, I have discovered I am able to let go of the perfect image I have for my house or the gourmet meal and realize that to me spending time together or touching base with faraway friends is far more important. That doesn’t mean I don’t attend parties, decorate, or rush around finding presents–it just means that I intentionally take each day through the lens of what I have prioritized and can plan accordingly to bring that vision to life.

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Setting our intentions allows us to carve out space for ourselves to have a more present and happier holiday. When an activity or obligation threatens to divert energy from your intentions, pause and make a conscious decision whether you can take this on, or not. Letting go of things is easier when we say, “This doesn’t fit with the ultimate goal for me at this time.” Conversely, when we keep our intentions top of mind, we can ensure we include the activities that do give us pleasure and meaning. Plan your time consciously with your intentions in mind, and you’ll find this season to be a truly meaningful and joyous one.

We wish you the happiest and most intentional of holiday seasons!


From All of Us at Dutch & Deckle.