Dutch & Deckle


About Founder, Nancy Dutch & Dutch & Deckle

Nancy Dutch, a premium paper enthusiast turned entrepreneur, founded custom planner, journal, and accessory business, Dutch & Deckle, to break down industry barriers through her company's web-based platform, dutchanddeckle.com.

As the granddaughter to Nekoosa Papers’ founder John Alexander and 30 years’ experience in the paper industry, Nancy understands how thoughtful, highly tactile experiences remain important when technology makes digital notetaking and calendaring more common. Having found joy in her own routine of starting each morning with a candle, a cup of coffee, and her journal and planner, Nancy wanted to share that same positive experience with others. "If we have ideas that matter, then they probably deserve to be written down. The minute you put pen-to-paper and make your thoughts real in the world; it becomes truly authentic," says Nancy Dutch.

The Dutch & Deckle 240-page planner is the perfect tool for staying organized. You can customize your pages by adding contacts, quotes, a vision board, life events, health tracking tools, medication diary, dream keeper, expense tracker and more! For those that follow the moon and stars, in collaboration with New Orleans’ celebrated astrologist Maria Shaw, update your personal journal with an astrology version that helps interpret monthly horoscopes to predict insights on upcoming events.

Dutch & Deckle is a company that prides themselves on the quality of their products. The company is named after its founder, Nancy Dutch. The other part of the name, "Deckle," refers to a rough edge created on paper machines that traditionally represents an excellent grade of quality paper sought by bookmakers and artists. While Dutch & Deckle planners don't have the deckled edge, they do display superior workmanship by being crafted right here in the USA.

From the very first day, Dutch & Deckle's founder envisioned an eco-friendly process of made-to-order, which means the company can create your personal planner or journal while still maintaining waste reduction and unnecessary manufacturing processes. For the environmentally conscious, there’s a unique reusable wrapped planner that you won't be able to resist.


Dutch & Deckle is a women-owned-and-led startup company that provides a web-based tool to create luxurious custom planners and journals for consumers and businesses. To learn more, visit dutchanddeckle.com or contact Nancy Dutch at nancy@dutchanddeckle.com.